I met a lady at the pool yesterday. Her name is Suzanne. Has 2 masters degree’s and she was very nice!

I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it.

Day 2 of tumblr

Woke up at 8 this morning! I met with my personal trainer from 10 Fitness and we concentrated on my core muscles! (Richard watch out… By summer I’m going to be a sexy mama!!!!) He will be fighting all the guys trying to sneak a peek. (You old dirty men! Ughk!) As most know, were going to Florida in August with his Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and his Cousins girlfriend. We will be meeting his Mimi there! (We totally love her to death!) Back to the workout talk. (It wasn’t easy. My shoulders and legs/core hurt like a B! I mean damn lady, I thought I was going to tear into two pieces! On top of this, tanning went well. I’m starting to turn pink. Looking foxy! ;) what’s been getting me through the “pain” of workout- icy/hot patches. They’re magical! If you have arthritis or just soreness they work. I also had to be at work today. I mean workout then go to work. Talk about busy lady. Today, my parents are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. Congrats go to them! I was literally what sealed the deal between them. I mean come on, why wouldnt my mom want to marry my dad after meeting me! Haha! Oh. Its late. I must return to The Fresh Market. :( goodbye.


Richard and his stupid “huh. huh. huah. huh.” :p :D